pikinini (pikinini) wrote in apo_gamma,

Hey! It's Nina, a NIB. Just found the community. Here are some pictures of this spring's pledge class, for those alumni out there. I have a lot more pictures from the spring, so if anyone has requests (from the semi, brotherhood picnic, etc) let me know!

SP06 right after initiation

The gang

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That is so awesome! SOOO many people! The pic at the top - is that the whole chapter or just the NIBs? Alex told me you initiated some ridiculously huge number this semester :o)

Makes an old alum proud!

Though, I'll also be back in town soon - coming back to Cornell for my MBA, so I'll be sure to hook back up with Gamma!

booyakasha! going to cornell for your mba? i told mom and she was excited... heck i'm excited!
The first picture is of the NIBS

how big is the ben ross family tree now...?
That's a very good question....Remember how wayyyy bacck in December/Januaryish when I threw out there the possibility of me obtaining the family trees and posting them so alums could see how big they've gotten? Well, some rearranging has been done, but I'm still going to try and obtain the old info! Maybe I should make a post about that....Yeah, hold on, I will.
I seem to be a chronic poster on old, dead threads, but I can answer your question now since Ben Ross returned and cleared things up! The Ben Ross family tree is now the Jenkins Clan and is in one of my more recent posts in this community.
Awesome! You should set up a Gamma account on www.flickr.com and then you can safely go photo posting crazy. (You can sign up for free but if you have enough photos that you need a Pro account I'm willing to sponsor that with some of my mad alumni money, yo.)

Ben Ragheb '02
Most of our photos right now are on a snapfish account, although that is password protected. However, Justin has plans to put all of the snapfish photos onto the Gamma website, so they should be available for everyone to see soonish : )

Thank you for the offer though! I'll let peeps know : )