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Gamma Changes/What's New!

Hey guys!

My computer stuff is finally all unpacked, so I'll be posting up my own pictures soon for all of you!

But this post in mainly about some changes in Gamma that you might be interested in knowing about as well as what has been going on recently!

First, I want to thank everyone again who helped me out with Sectionals Bid ideas! Unfortunately, we didn't win and the bid went to SUNY Buffalo. However, it was VERY close (there were about 6 chapters this year vying for the bid and several rounds of voting had to occur since there was no clear winner after the first vote. So, after each round, the chapter with the least votes was "eliminated" and a re-vote was done with the remaining chapters as choices. Gamma made it to the final two! SUNY Buffalo has put in a bid for several years now, however, so their time had finally come. We will probably put in a bid again next year, so I'll keep everyone updated on that!

Remember waaaayyy back in December/January when I promised to try and get the updated family tree info posted so interested alums could see how their tree was doing? Well, I wasn't able to quite get that yet, however, some major changes have been made in regards to families and how they appear in gamma so I do have a bit of info for you:

Due to Gamma’s growing size, and from talking with Phi about their family system, it was decided that Gamma should implement a similar family system in order to retain the brotherhood aspect of APO, even as we begin to grow to a HUGE size. Basically, we wanted to make families more important, so we’re giving them names and traditions, as well as breaking up Color War based upon family. However, if we simply went by the original family trees, there are about three HUMUNGOUS families. These families seemed so big that they would defeat the purpose of breaking into families to begin with. Then we tried breaking up families by family heads (the oldest, in terms of semesters in gamma, member who was left in their family plus their descendants), but then we had families ranging from 30 to 5. Thus, to try and make the families more uniform, it was encouraged that some families merge with each other (although they didn’t have to). Because of this, the family trees are a bit mixed up now.

Here is a list of the new families in the APO family structure and their names if they’ve decided on them already (this will be the most enlightening to the most recent alums, however, like Jen and Patty since some of the names will still be familiar to them...)The stars indicate the “family leader”:

Name TBD
Alex Wolf *
Stephanie Inwald
Jerry Lee
Tony Sidari
Natasha Comas
Julie Dietz
Andrea Segal
Rebecca Lee
Aki Kita
Jeffrey Rudnik
Vickie Eisenstein
Kriselle Santos
Jovita Kwan
Hyunjin Chung
Karlie Raley
Katie Finnigan
Katie Legarreta
Cathy He

Name TBD
Jessica Park *
Natalie Gil
Nansen Yu
Adele Young
Fumi Adewale
Alex Yip

Name TBD
Renee Phillips *
Kat Pan
Jose Rengifo
Mike Tse
Nina Glatthorn
Ilana Ginsberg
Neka Allen
Laura Lyman
Shosh Lenski
Drew Forman
Monika Gupta
Ilana Ginsberg
Katie Ting
Tricia Aubrecht
Rachel Reed
Beth Vollmer
Ashley Zydel
Robin Zhou
Erin Welch
Ivy Tam
Chris Gonzalez
Melissa Tang
Stacey Lam

Name TBD
Jeff Woodworth *
Theresa D’Andrea
Matt Harsin
Caroline Sheehan

Name TBD
Alina Lane *
Amy Lin
Stephanie Shao
Diane Pflug
Ahmed Mousa
Helen Zhou
Aeri Lee
Dana Lin
Sonia Borker
Joanne Kong

The Banished
(w/ accent on e)
Steve Degrow *
Adam Taylor
Namratha Kothari
Joseph Lembo
Jason Benway
Janet Pao
Sarah Kaiser
Joyce Rosenbaum
Siray Koroma
Allison Munoz
Ilene Molina
Evan Orem
Chris Delaney
Becky Briller
Joe Calamia
Jessica Sharoff
Margaret Wilcox
Katie Seeley
Jennie Paress

Jenkins Clan
Ryan Connell *
Andrew Milne
Matthew Galante
Han Ham
Erin Nuzzo
Justin Anderson
Lauren Allen
Russel Davenport
Johanna Pape
Cindy Zhao
Ken Lau
Rachel Donocoff
Stephanie Chan

Name TBD
Matt Bertenthal *
Holly Sachs
Stephen Clark
Matt Bell
Eula Huang
Stephanie Chen
Alanna Li
Katie Richardson
Lauren Daniel
Ashley Person
Anitha Vemury
Jennifer Shum
Paolomi Merchant
Andrew Vidler
Lindsey Fox
Zarna Shah

Name TBD
Ashlen Saulson *
Linda Yu
Vanessa Lazar
Samira Saifi
Sarah Lee
Ellen Hada
Miranda Sweet
Lynn Stechschult
Kristy Lin
Leo Liu
Jackie Ma
Erica Ogoe
Eric Ho

I will still try and get the original three family trees up here so older alums can see how their family has grown and changed.

In un-related to family land, we now have several new officer positions. These include two co-rush chairs who are also in charge of brotherhood (NIBS and brothers, not pledges) retention (I'm pretty sure this is pretty new, or, at least, the fact that it's official and that there’s two...But it's late so maybe I just had a brain freeze...But the retention part is DEFINITELY new!) and an alumni secretary (separated from corresponding so that they can put all of their focus into the alumns and getting an event for home coming set up, so watch out for that!).

Going along that vein, after an EPIC 5 hour election (ohhh yessss...), we have the new officers for this coming year/semester! They are:

President: Renee Phillips
VP Membership: Rebecca Lee
VP Service: Alina Lane
New Member Coordinator: Linda Yu
Treasurer: Evan Orem
Corresponding Secretary: Johanna Pape
Recording Secretary: Funmi Adewale
Fellowship Chair: Ashlen Saulson
Campus Chest: Erica Ogoe
New Student Record Editor: Katie Richardson
Fundraising Chair: Anitha Vemury
Public Relations Chair: Ilana Ginsberg
Rush and Retention: Jason Benway and Natalia Gil
Alumni Chair: Jess Park
Historian: Robin Zhou
Sargeant at Arms: Julie Deitz
Webmaster: Justin Anderson
Pledge Group Coordinator: Adam Taylor
Big/Little Week Supervisor: Helen Zhou
Pledge Retreat Supervisor: Ashley Zydel

Also, the tradition of turtling, which fell out in gamma during recent semesters, was brought back this semester by the Pledgemaster, Ryan Connell (one of the last turtles left). He had two MASSIVE turtling ceremonies for all of the pledge classes who hadn't been turtled (except for the NIBs) and for the NIBs (which are now just regular old brothers). We plan to Turtle everyone who became a NIB this semester, who is interested, at the beginning of the semester next year (last I heard, anyway).

Finally, I urge everyone to check out the Gamma website:
Our current webmaster, Justin Anderson, has been going crazy with the website, keeping it up-to-date and adding new features! He hasn't fixed all of the pages yet, but since he was re-appointed for next semester, he will be working on it over the summer and, believe me, it's going to be awesome! Currently on the site are his plans for the webpage, as well as the superlatives won at the Brotherhood picnic! Feel free to e-mail him with your opinions of the website and any ideas you might have that would be cool for him to add! He's looking for feedback ; )

Thats basically everything that's new, although more big things should be happening next year as we grow!


Johanna (newly elected Corresponding Secretary [formerly called the Inter-chapter liason according to my handy-dandy folder ; )] )

P.S. Sorry it was so long (especially if you clicked on the tags!), but I hope it was a boost of gamma nostalgia for all of you alums!
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