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Congrats to our 40 some-odd newly initiated brothers (especially Cindy, my little)! They entered NIBdom Friday night : )

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And yes, those ARE multiple males you see in that picture! Amazing, I know ; )
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That. Freakin'. ROCKS!

That is AMAZING news! Thanks for sharing, Johanna :o) I am SO SO SO happy to see the chapter thriving and growing! Who was pledgemaster this semester? I'm curious, as I was Gamma's pledgemaster in Spring 2002.

Speaking of that... Psssst, kaitl, as your pledgemaster, I believe your class had 19 in it, or maybe more than that and 19 got initiated. Either way, looks like you guys set quite the example for the chapter's continuation!

Congrats again to Gamma!


And oh yeah, Kaitlin posted a comment in the APO community that I replied to in my comment. I'm good with the copy-and-paste, see. :oP

largest pledge class i remember was...nick pescola's pledges. which was....damn. i wanna say fall '98. old timers, help me out here. anyhoo, that was a class of like 50-ish. insane.
DING DING (do we still do that at Sectionals?)

(I hope so! I don't know if that has been kept alive. I know I put it on my "Gamma Traditions" handout when I was Pledgemaster, and that handout has been reused, but who knows what's up now...)
Hubba hubba!
Ding ding!
Gamma gamma!
Ding dong!

Yep, still used! We didn't get to stay for the sectionals role call this semester since it was so far away (Saint Lawrence), but we did it for the spring sectionals last year and its still taught to the pledges : )

P.S. On a random note, we're also putting in a bid to host spring sectionals next year!
Good luck on hosting sectionals.
WE did it Spring of 2001 (or was it fall 2000). It was a ton of work and very difficult to keep on budget.

FYI, We held the Workshops in the basement rooms of rock (got sandwhiches from tops) The buisness meeting was in GS (the room by the entrance that faces (is above?) Kroch) and the banquet was at a hotel by the mall.

Your right, it was Spring 2001 that we held Sectionals, when I had my unspectacular year and dumped a lot of work on Jyoti as Sectionals Chair. Wow she did a great job.
Oh yeah, the martini glasses were GREAT.
You gave out martini glasses for the glassware? Sweet : )
Thank you very much for the info! I'll be sure to let everyone else know (we just started getting in gear for it by electing some sectionals-bid coordinators, a new position. Theres three of us; me, Siray, and Kriselle but we'll probably be involved with actual sectionals planning as well should we win the bid).
I may still have all the information I used for the Sectionals bid beracjade and I wrote. I forget the hotel that we put them all up in.
Wow, if you still have that it would be a GREAT reference for us! My e-mail is if you do still have it and can send it on over : )
Our Pledgemaster this semester is Jose, I forget what pledge class hes a part of. Next Semester it will be Ryan Connell.

And growing is part of the plan! We're still wondering if this semester was just a fluke though!

Nice to meet you btw : )
yeahyeah... whatever ;-)

were there really that many?? it was soooo long ago

No, it was Spring 1999 that was the largest pledge class (Em and Ben Ra's year). Fall 1998 was my class (Paul, Bonnie, Eric).
Congratulations! I am glad to hear that APO-gamma is thriving. I hope the dance after inductions (and roll call) went well.
Yep! Role call was a bit hard to do since we had the semiformal in a fancy restaurant (Zaza's)this semester, and there was thus no dancing, but it went well.