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80 years! [17 Feb 2007|10:26pm]

Happy 80th anniversary, Gamma!

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question about APO alums [27 Jun 2006|10:01pm]

Hello everybody! I miss you guys. I was wondering of any of you had any idea how I might look up lists of APO members that might happen to be federal judges. Is there a list of accomplished alums somewhere other than the handful everybody knows about?

P.S. Hi new people... I'm Bonnie, VP Membership of 2001-2002 :)
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Highlights of the Brotherhood Picnic! [31 May 2006|06:43am]

[ mood | drained ]

Hey guys! Just posting some of those pictures I promised quick before I disappear for a while (I'm heading to Alaska, but once I come back I'll go through the rest of my pictures and post the highlights from the past year). Sorry if there are any spelling errors or general incoherentness due to my rush...

But enough about that, some brotherhood picnic highlights!Collapse )

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! I'll be back in a month with more of my collection from the past year : )



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Upcoming alumni newsletter [27 May 2006|06:40pm]

Did y'all get this email from Jess?

You're receiving this email because our record indicates that you're a graduate of Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.

Our chapter is going to send out our first alumni newsletter, but unfortunately we don't have an updated alumni contact list. If you could send me your contact info, such as your snail mail address and email address, we will be sure to send you the newsletter. Also if you know anyone who is a Gamma graduate as well, please let me know so that I can include that person on my list.

Thank you.


Her email is jp357@cornell.edu
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Gamma Changes/What's New! [27 May 2006|01:10am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey guys!

My computer stuff is finally all unpacked, so I'll be posting up my own pictures soon for all of you!

But this post in mainly about some changes in Gamma that you might be interested in knowing about as well as what has been going on recently!

First, I want to thank everyone again who helped me out with Sectionals Bid ideas! Unfortunately, we didn't win and the bid went to SUNY Buffalo. However, it was VERY close (there were about 6 chapters this year vying for the bid and several rounds of voting had to occur since there was no clear winner after the first vote. So, after each round, the chapter with the least votes was "eliminated" and a re-vote was done with the remaining chapters as choices. Gamma made it to the final two! SUNY Buffalo has put in a bid for several years now, however, so their time had finally come. We will probably put in a bid again next year, so I'll keep everyone updated on that!

Remember waaaayyy back in December/January when I promised to try and get the updated family tree info posted so interested alums could see how their tree was doing? Well, I wasn't able to quite get that yet, however, some major changes have been made in regards to families and how they appear in gamma so I do have a bit of info for you:

Due to Gamma’s growing size, and from talking with Phi about their family system, it was decided that Gamma should implement a similar family system in order to retain the brotherhood aspect of APO, even as we begin to grow to a HUGE size. Basically, we wanted to make families more important, so we’re giving them names and traditions, as well as breaking up Color War based upon family. However, if we simply went by the original family trees, there are about three HUMUNGOUS families. These families seemed so big that they would defeat the purpose of breaking into families to begin with. Then we tried breaking up families by family heads (the oldest, in terms of semesters in gamma, member who was left in their family plus their descendants), but then we had families ranging from 30 to 5. Thus, to try and make the families more uniform, it was encouraged that some families merge with each other (although they didn’t have to). Because of this, the family trees are a bit mixed up now.

Here is a list of the new families in the APO family structure and their names if they’ve decided on them already (this will be the most enlightening to the most recent alums, however, like Jen and Patty since some of the names will still be familiar to them...)The stars indicate the “family leader”:

Presenting the new families of Gamma!Collapse )

I will still try and get the original three family trees up here so older alums can see how their family has grown and changed.

In un-related to family land, we now have several new officer positions. These include two co-rush chairs who are also in charge of brotherhood (NIBS and brothers, not pledges) retention (I'm pretty sure this is pretty new, or, at least, the fact that it's official and that there’s two...But it's late so maybe I just had a brain freeze...But the retention part is DEFINITELY new!) and an alumni secretary (separated from corresponding so that they can put all of their focus into the alumns and getting an event for home coming set up, so watch out for that!).

Going along that vein, after an EPIC 5 hour election (ohhh yessss...), we have the new officers for this coming year/semester! They are:

Officer madness!Collapse )

Also, the tradition of turtling, which fell out in gamma during recent semesters, was brought back this semester by the Pledgemaster, Ryan Connell (one of the last turtles left). He had two MASSIVE turtling ceremonies for all of the pledge classes who hadn't been turtled (except for the NIBs) and for the NIBs (which are now just regular old brothers). We plan to Turtle everyone who became a NIB this semester, who is interested, at the beginning of the semester next year (last I heard, anyway).

Finally, I urge everyone to check out the Gamma website: http://www.rso.cornell.edu/apo/
Our current webmaster, Justin Anderson, has been going crazy with the website, keeping it up-to-date and adding new features! He hasn't fixed all of the pages yet, but since he was re-appointed for next semester, he will be working on it over the summer and, believe me, it's going to be awesome! Currently on the site are his plans for the webpage, as well as the superlatives won at the Brotherhood picnic! Feel free to e-mail him with your opinions of the website and any ideas you might have that would be cool for him to add! He's looking for feedback ; )

Thats basically everything that's new, although more big things should be happening next year as we grow!


Johanna (newly elected Corresponding Secretary [formerly called the Inter-chapter liason according to my handy-dandy folder ; )] )

P.S. Sorry it was so long (especially if you clicked on the tags!), but I hope it was a boost of gamma nostalgia for all of you alums!

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[26 May 2006|08:04pm]

Hey! It's Nina, a NIB. Just found the community. Here are some pictures of this spring's pledge class, for those alumni out there. I have a lot more pictures from the spring, so if anyone has requests (from the semi, brotherhood picnic, etc) let me know!

Spring '06; Brotherhood PicnicCollapse )
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Um, wow! [01 May 2006|09:22am]

Hey current Gammas,

So, I'm sitting in Olin Library and run into Alex Wolf (I'm in town for an interview at the Johnson School for the MBA program tomorrow AM) and he tells me you initiated FIFTY-EIGHT new brothers the other day?! That's AMAZING! We definitely need to share that fact (if I heard correctly) on the LJ APO community. Gamma, as always, ROCKS!


PS: EDIT: Silly me posted this to my personal journal, but it should have gone in APO-Gamma, where it is now.

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What an exciting weekend! [30 Apr 2006|10:51pm]

Hello all! I'm Caroline, a newly minted NIB. :D Initiations this week went smashingly, as did the semiformal and the unofficialness afterwards. Today we had ridiculous 4.5-hour long elections, which fortunately resulted in an awesome E-board for next year. If anybody has pictures from Friday, please share! There are some on facebook, but I want more.

Just to get an idea, who here is currently at Cornell, and who's an alum? I just joined the lj group a couple days ago, so I'm kind of curious...

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Happy birthday! [17 Feb 2006|07:18pm]

Happy 79th birthday, Gamma!
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Ahoy all Gamma Brothers! [08 Jan 2006|01:05pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey all! First of all, happy late New Year and I hope you're all doing well!

Secondly, when I posted about our NIBs back in December, I was told that some alumni haven't been contacted by gamma chapter yet. We know that we've been very bad about this in the past, but this year we are trying to re-establish alumni ties. I spoke with the people trying to rectify this and they told me that some people may not have been contacted by gamma yet due to the fact that their contact information was never updated, among other things.

Long story short, if you haven't been contacted by gamma yet and would like to start getting newsletters and such (in some of your cases, start getting newsletters again), if you e-mail your addresses to me, I can pass them along and get you on the alumni mailing list. My e-mail is jmp99@cornell.edu. If you don't trust giving your address to me (which I can understand, living in the world we do), I think that if you e-mail apogamma@cornell.edu directly with a short description saying how you would like to get alumni mailings, it will be passed on to the right people.

Also, since it seems like I may be the only active brother left in the community (or am I?), I will be trying to make a lot more posts from now on, updating you guys with the goings on in gamma chapter (complete with pictures since I'm one of the resident picture whores)! Hopefully I'll get a chance to post again later tonight after I set up my new external hard drive (seems I need it desperately considering how often my computer likes to rebel against me) with a summary of this past semester, from the brotherhood retreat to semi-formal!

In addition (I just kinda got this idea), I was thinking that it might be cool if I could put up at some point the updated family trees for gamma so those of you who graduated a while ago can see how your family tree is doing and feel more connected to some of the names and faces that I'll be mentioning in my posts. I'll probably have to wait till I get back to campus to see about that though, but it seemed like a neat idea. What do you guys think?



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CONGRATS TO OUR NEW NIBs! [04 Dec 2005|04:52pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Congrats to our 40 some-odd newly initiated brothers (especially Cindy, my little)! They entered NIBdom Friday night : )

The NIBs of Gamma!Collapse )

And yes, those ARE multiple males you see in that picture! Amazing, I know ; )

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[17 Sep 2005|01:16am]

congratulations to the FORTY FIVE new pledges of the gamma chapter!!

they were inducted on tuesday. at the time, however, i was told that there were seven more who wanted to attend the make-ups.

so there are potentially fifty two (FIFTY. TWO.) new pledges of the gamma chapter.

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[17 May 2005|03:32pm]

An interesting read (thanks cyberjunkie!)

Does Gamma chapter do any work with the Boy Scouts? I know we used to work with Ranger Duff and the Girl Scouts.

For the second time in four years, Syracuse University has banned from its campus a Boy Scouts of America activity because the organization's prohibition of openly gay Scout leaders contradicts the school's diversity policy.Collapse )
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[13 Mar 2005|08:46am]

hey AWL,

don't know how many of you guys are on alpha_phi_omega, but in this post they talk about selling those rubber-type bracelets (like the livestrong ones) as a fund-raiser for juvenile diabetes research foundation. now, not being on gamma-l anymore, i don't know it y'all have something similar in the works, but if you don't, i think this would be an awesome project to support.

just a thought. then again, i am an alum well removed. [grin] nevermind me.

-bald one
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moose8556 will probably like this [07 Mar 2005|08:11pm]

[ mood | Wanting to be back in Color Wa ]

It looks like our undergrad Gammas are getting VERY into the spirit of Color War! These two e-mails came over Gamma-L today...

First, from one captain (war chief, if you will):
Subject: An Army Worthy of Mordor
Hi A(ll) W(ho hate) L(osing),

Renee (the most awesome Color War organizer in history)has just informed me that she will entertain bids to join my team prior to the random selection at the end of the week. (That's right Blenda, you're already out of the loop, Mwaaahahaha!)

I realize that an oppurtunity to sign up for the winning team early is going to be very popular and I expect more than half of APO attempting to join me. Consequently, membership will be on a first come, first served basis.

Email Renee at rrp32@cornell.edu to make your request.

L(ooking) F(orward to) S(tomping Blenda's team), Ryan Connell, Hokage-APO

P.S. I have officer positions open in my forces. Email me if you're interested and what your title should be.

Then, in response by the other captain:
Hey A(ll) W(ho) L(ove to win)!

So my (un)worthy opponant thinks he is already on the path to victory.
Little does he know that he's probably dealing with a one-man army.

As per my opponant's reference to signing up for the winning team, I can't agree with him more. But his expectations of "more than half of APO ATTEMPTING to join" his team! Aparently, SOMEONE is under the impression that our beloved APO brothers and pledges will BEG their way into his team. Is that the kind of team leader you want? I am confidant that APO breeds the most principled of individuals and take pride in knowing that they don't have to beg their way into anything. On my team, no begging is necessary. I believe in equality, fun, and the joy of kicking Ryan's butt.

And I don't believe in that "first come, first serve" nonsense. Brothers and pledges, conserve your energy. Sign up for my team at your leisure.
There's no rush. So yeah, do the right thing - join my team.

L(ooking) F(orward to) S(ome butt whoopin'), Blenda

P.S. Is it me or does Ryan sound like a totalitaran dictator? Is that the kind of Color War leader you want?

This will be interesting to see played out :o)

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My troubles do not exist here, my body and soul do not know fear [02 Mar 2005|10:20pm]

so, i bounced around interests a little tonight, to see how some of the more obscure ones had grown (like, are you a turtle?, among others). anyhoo, i punched on the apo-gamma one, and was happy to see it was decently sized (14 people).

14 people from a chapter that i love dearly on LJ. awesome. and i even know most of them (rechecks...i know i've met 11 of them, and i know of the other three). so, i read a little of the journals of the people who are from gamma, but aren't on my list. while reading purplejazljenska's, i saw a mention to day 2 dinner.

now, THERE'S something i hadn't thought about in a long time. memories came back - my first D2D, at 302 bryant (and audrey getting me mixed up with one of the three other phil's in the chapter). the D2D at shawna's (200 highland? i think?) that was right after erin broke up with me. and other memories.

and it reminded me of how much i miss APO. some of my absolute best times at cornell were directly related to gamma. 50+ people at the haunt. roadtrips all over new york. "secret service" (and it's re-hash, double-oh-service). roll calls and the infamous double entendres ('cause when i think of gamma....). DJing semiformals. 216 (oh, God, the memories i have from the ostensibly half-year that i lived there). the cactus, jill's alcohol stash, and hot damn in the punch. retreats (brotherhood and pledge). committee meetings ("i'm a wednesday person. are you a tuesday or wednesday person?")

i need to find some way to get involved with APO again, because i really miss that aspect of my life. the service (on a smaller and less life-threatening scale than i do now), the fellowship, and the bonding that comes from being brothers in the best damn fraternity around (exception made to scott and S&S).

jen, sorry for stalking your journal earlier.

[x-posted to apo_gamma, so my apologies to those who see it twice]
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Book Drive [28 Feb 2005|09:13pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey AWL,

So I know that a year or so before I pledges that Gamma totally kicked butt in a book drive, and raised more than pretty much any other chapter, but we don't seem to have records of how we pulled that off. So I am hoping there are some gamma alumns out there who can give us a helping hand as we are about to start into another book drive, and we would really like to make it sucsessful.

Let me know.


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w00t! Condom Rose time again! [10 Feb 2005|11:04am]

Condom roses for sale today, tomorrow, & Monday on Ho Plaza. :)
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Nationals [31 Dec 2004|02:13pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

I have never felt more proud of being a brother. I just got back home from Nationals up in Denver and it was such a wonderful experience. I have loved APO for the day I joined, it has litteraly become my life and one of the only things getting me through school, but being with so many brothers who are doing wonderful things all over the country really humbles you. I feel like I walked away with so much, and hope I can bring some of it back to gamma. I don't know if I can do the experience justice, but now I know that I will have to continue after graduation in som capacity. I can't elminate my connection to all of these wondrful people that make up the brotherhood.

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earthquake/tsunami victim aid via amazon.com [30 Dec 2004|03:31pm]


At least 120,000 people have lost their lives in East Africa and South Asia in the aftermath of the earthquake and resulting tsunamis on December 26. Thousands of people in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and Indonesia are still missing; many others have lost their homes and livelihoods. Sri Lanka and Indonesia suffered the highest number of deaths, but India, East Africa, Seychelles, Maldives, and Thailand were all affected by the tsunami waves, which reached as high as 20 feet. Aid workers and volunteers are focused on stopping the spread of disease and delivering food and drinking water to survivors. The American Red Cross reports that emergency assessment and first-aid teams were on the ground quickly and are already working with local groups to support relief efforts. Your financial donation will help provide medicine, clothing, food, and shelter for victims of the East Africa and South Asia earthquake and tsunami disaster. Thanks in advance for your participation during this critical time. The American Red Cross name is used with its permission. For more information about the American Red Cross, please call 1‑800 HELP NOW or e-mail info@usa.redcross.org.

As of 15:28 EST, 30 December 2004 they had:

Total Collected: $5,312,308.29
Number of Payments: 85789
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